Tomato - Tiny Tim 4" pot

Tomato - Tiny Tim 4" pot

SKU: SGG1024

Tomato - Tiny Tim (Indeterminate)

4" pot


A great centre-piece and point of interest in any garden, Tiny Tim cherry plants yield masses of sweet/tart scarlet miniature cherry tomatoes about 2cm (1") in diameter. A perfect salad or snacking tomato! Tiny Tim tomato plants grown in optimum conditions will produce incredible yields of miniature fruit that often outweigh the plant 3:1.

This small, tidy, determinate plant with deep green leaves typically grows to 20 - 40 cm (8-16") tall and 17 cm (6 1/2") in diameter. Plant in full sun to maintain dwarf habit. Tiny Tim Heirloom tomato plants will thrive in less sunlight than other varieties, however fruit yields will be less and growth larger and less tidy.


Type: Vegetable

Spacing: 10"

Maturity: 55 days

Sun: Full Sun / Partial Sun